Proof that Celeste Barber and Holden Equinox have nothing to prove.

Ground-breaking comedian and Instagram sensation Celeste Barber co-creates and stars, delivering her thumb-stopping brand of satire across the content series with Woman’s Day and Holden Equinox.

Celeste has over 3.3 million Instagram followers and the Holden Equinox tagline ‘nothing to prove, prove it’ aligned seamlessly with her parody prowess. Celeste Barber and Woman’s Day reflect the real lives of Australian women and the moments where they can be, unapologetically, themselves.

Celeste and Holden, kindred spirits who keep it real, get together and the good times roll. If you share their Nothing to Prove attitude, you’re sure to love these videos.


When medial chores become meditation. Or not…

Celeste Barber Car Cleaning


Who doesn’t love a trip to the servo?

Celeste Barber Petrol Station


A car ad IRL

Celeste Barber Ad


Everyone loves a family road trip

Celeste Barber Roadtrip