Testing the Trailblazer's limit

It was not too long ago that we turned a handful of Trailblazers over to some of the most honest towing media partners we could find. With a three-tonne towing capacity, we told them that the Trailblazer was built for any Aussie adventure - and to prove it for themselves.

With any long-term test there’s always “the risk in that your product may not perform to the standards hoped for” as On The Road Magazine accurately states it. But we know a real workhorse earns its reputation by proving itself as a rock-reliable partner in all things adventurous.

If we're honest, we're a little bit envious of the worry-free adventures awaiting the teams at Caravan World Magazine, Best Aussie Vans, Caravan and Camping Sales, On The Road Magazine, and Boatsales.com.au. And boy, they didn't waste any time getting stuck in.

Caravan and Camping Sales loaded up and hit the road, observing

the big Holden proving a stable towing platform with minimal pitching and swaying that offers a value-for-money proposition that's hard to beat.

The team at On The Road Magazine took a different path - literally!

Trailblazer 1

Over the next year, they'll use their Trailblazer to tow different caravans to 10-12 destinations across Australia. They'll cover everything from more traditional touring trips to more off-road bush camping. And don't you mind, having already clocked up 2024km in just 3 weeks, they're sure to put the Trailblazer through its paces.

On The Road Magazine will be reporting back throughout their trip, so stay tuned to see just how well the tough-towing machine holds up to adventures all over Australia. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised. And just like us, you might be a little envious too.


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