Project Monaro roars to life!

This month we pick up the action with Craig Lowndes, as he gets behind the wheel to see what Project Monaro is really made of. Let’s just say Project Monaro was put through its paces on the track and handled it all with ease.


Project Monaro 2

Project Monaro gets the Lowndes seal of approval.


Project Monaro 5 

Some of Australia's best engineers have done everything to ensure this Monaro is anything but standard. 


Project Monaro Hero

The VIC Monaro Club members got a special look at the car down at the PG. And brought all of theirs along too!

We’re all so proud of the talented team who poured their blood, sweat and tears into this reimagined Monaro. This is your chance to see their work in action in some exclusive shots taken down at the Holden Proving Grounds (PG), of Lowndesy putting the Monaro through its paces.


Project Monaro 1

Craig Lowndes lights it up Project Monaro on the PG's track


 Project Monaro 11

Project Monaro eats up corners like this and demands more.


Tearing it up at the PG isn’t all that Project Monaro has been up to as of late. On the 6th November Project Monaro was the centerpiece of the Mega Motorsport Night. This was the first time the completed Monaro was revealed to the public, and we may be biased, but we reckon it was looking really sleek, with it’s bonnet popped, showing off that world class engine.

Project Monaro 10


Be sure to check out Episode 5 of our Project Monaro YouTube series, for some video footage of Lowdnesy putting Project Monaro’s pedal to the metal for the first time. We reckon you’ll love it as much as he did.


And remember, Project Monaro could all be yours!

Entries are open until the 31st March 2020. Don’t miss your chance to win this fully reimagined Holden 2004 CV8 Monaro!


Project Monaro 6

Just a pair of Holden legends hanging out for the day

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