A letter from Mark Bernhard

It’s no secret our industry is changing. In October we’ll see another fundamental shift as we stop building cars locally and import our full vehicle line-up from across the GM world. That will be difficult, but with change always comes opportunity. I’ve seen enormous change at Holden and across the industry since I first started here in 1986, the same year the VL Commodore took Australia by storm. Just like the VL that blew everyone away, I know this change – tough though it is – can mark a turning point for Holden. Our desire to retain our Aussie icon status is burning brighter than ever. I’m writing to you now, however, to let you know that some things at Holden will never change.

Our commitment to Australia
We are committed to the country we call home and with more than 4,000 employees across Holden and our dealerships, we’re here for the long haul. Our engineering and quality departments remain here, along with our expansive vehicle testing grounds. This means our cars are tuned and tested for Australian conditions and drive the way Holdens should. Our design, marketing and sales teams are also proudly based here and we’re retaining the second-largest dealer network in the country.

Our passion for our drivers
Quality is in our DNA. As part of our 2015 commitment to launch 24 new vehicles by 2020, we have the best showrooms Holden has ever had. But don’t just take my word for it, the media reviews speak for themselves.

Parts will continue to be stocked for all our vehicles after you buy them, so whichever Holden you choose, we’ve got your back. Our entire team, from HQ to our dealerships, are ensuring everything we do is working towards creating a better experience for you in and outside of your beloved Holden.

Our love of technology
We’ve introduced a lot of firsts to the Australian industry, like seatbelts and airbags, and we’re bringing even more cutting-edge technology home for you soon. Holden is the first local car brand to launch a ride-sharing company here in Australia and our connectivity technology called OnStar is on its way to a Holden near you. OnStar can automatically inform the ambulance and first responders you’ve had an accident within a nanosecond of impact (in some cases before the crash has even finished happening). It can also notify where the car has been struck and what rescue equipment is required. This isn’t just game-changing, it’s life-saving.

Our commitment to our people.
Difficult decisions had to be made which affected our people and a small number of our dealers. Special transition centres at each of our sites are solely dedicated to helping people up-skill, re-train and take their next step. It’s part of our $15 million commitment to assisting our impacted employees.

It’s an incredible personal honour to help our brand through its next evolution, to be at the helm of the company that put Australia on wheels. There’s a lot to do and accountability rests with me, so please let me know if you have any concerns by emailing me directly at MDOffice.holden@gm.com.



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