6 Tips for Stress-Free Car Buying

Whilst buying a car can be a stressful process, just remember - knowledge is power. If you put in the hard yards and do your research before you go shopping, your life will be made that much easier. Holden Lion is here to give you the top tips on what you need to know to ensure a smooth, trouble free process to get you into the Holden you want to enjoy for your life on the road.

1. Know What You Want
Big or small, V6 or four cylinder, diesel or petrol, features, style or safety, sedan, wagon, hatchback or SUV? These are all important questions you need to ask yourself before you head for your local Holden dealer. Make a list of your needs, wants and priorities then go online and explore the options. You can even build your own car with specific features you need and get an idea of the approximate price. For more information to help guide you through this process, see www.holden.com.au.

2. Trade in or Private Sale
For most people, buying a new car usually involves needing to sell your existing wheels, and that means either trading it in or selling it privately. Trading in offers a convenient, timely swap and gives you the ability for greater negotiation over the “changeover price”. To get an idea of what your car might be worth both as a trade in check with your local Holden Dealer

3. Avoid the Budget Blowout
While the purchase or changeover price might be the headline figure, over time most people choose to finance a new car in some way or another. Therefore you’ll also need to work out what you are prepared to spend on a monthly basis for your motoring enjoyment. This should incorporate not only your monthly finance payments but also insurance, fuel and servicing costs, with the latter easy to figure out, thanks to Holden’s Lifetime Capped Price Servicing. More information on pricing can be found at www.holden.com.au.

4. Test Drives are Vital
Getting advice from friends, family or online automotive editorials is fine, but in the end only you will know if the car is right. To find out you ought to take a significant test drive. Make sure you drive the exact model you are interested in, and that the route covers highway and urban speeds. Think about the power and performance, the handling, steering and braking, comfort, noise and visibility, and the safety and convenience features. Open and close everything, move the seats around, explore the storage options, test the air conditioning, the lights, the stereo and the Bluetooth phone connection as all these things can impact on your impression of the car. You can find your closest Holden dealership on the Holden website to arrange a test drive. When you arrive at the dealership you will be greeted by a sales consultant, who will then take you for a short drive to demonstrate all the car's features before you take the wheel and get a feel for the car yourself!

5. Take a Friend or Family Member
It also helps to have a friend along for the test drive who may think of things you don’t, and if you are buying a family car, take the family as they will also need to test out the other seats for comfort, space and features. Don’t forget to think about who and what you may be transporting, in terms of space, interior flexibility and access.

6. Explore Your Accessory Options
Most Holden models offer some optional features, so it is worthwhile thinking about what you might or might not want before you head into the dealer. There are also plenty of genuine accessories to truly personalise your car that can be fitted by the dealer and incorporated into the final price. You can find the full range of features and accessories for each model on the Holden website 

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