Holden Prompts Friendly Family Rivalry

When it comes to choosing car brands, many young Australian men have long lived by the mantra: like father, like son.

It’s a common sentiment across Australian households, particularly when it comes to the age-old rivalry between Holden and Ford. But Grant Stack, a 36-year old architectural draftsman from Melbourne, was always one to go against the grain.

From an early age he decided he wasn’t going to follow in his father’s Ford-loving footsteps.

“The rivalry with Dad started when I was a kid when we watched the V8 Supercars on TV back when it was the Australian Touring Car Championships. He was a Ford man, but I was into the Holdens,” Stack says.

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“I don’t know why exactly, but it was probably the allure of Brocky back in the 1980s and early 90s. I loved Brocky, and he was always a Holden man, so I stuck with him.”

That passion for the brand translated into Stack’s own car purchases that started with a 1981 VC Commodore, followed by a 2000 model VT Series II and now a top-of-the-line VF Commodore SSV Redline purchased new last year.

“I have always had Holdens, and I got to that stage in life where I thought, ‘I am going to treat myself’,” he says.

“I went for the top-of-the-line Commodore, and what you get with the Brembo brakes and the FE3 suspension is well worth it for the performance side of it.”

“The VE was a step up from the VT, but then you have gone up a big step again with the VF. The styling is great, especially the interior, and what’s been included in that with the touchscreen and the head up display, which I just love.”

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Having proudly owned three Commodores over 18 years, Stack says he won’t be trading in the VF soon, but when the time comes, he would always consider another Commodore and is pleased Holden will maintain the line after local manufacturing ceases in 2017.

“It has a real heritage with Commodore going back to ‘78 with the VB and so there is 37 years of heritage there so you would want the name to continue,” Stack says.

“Dad’s just getting a new Mustang, and I have got the new Commodore so we have still got that rivalry in the family going on – which is pretty funny.”

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